Questions & Answers

What is purpose of PTCIV?  

PTCIV aims to provide citizen diplomacy to international visitors provided by the U. S. State Department, one handshake at a time.


How does the State Department decide who will be a visitor to the United States?

Our foreign embassies look for emerging leaders within the country. These can be politicians, government officials, police or fire officials, journalists, educators as well as business related individuals, especially entrepreneurs. The past lists of attendees to this program include many current leaders, ministers, known journalists and educators.


What does an international visitor agenda look like?

The State Department always brings the visitors first to Washington, DC to receive an overview on our government and how it works. It includes visits to the Capital and the State Department as well as a historical presentation on the founding of our country. The visitors then fly to about 3 or 4 locations around the country visiting local Councils, such as PTCIV, to experience firsthand the diversity of our country and meet individually a cross section of our citizens. Before their visits with the local Councils a program is developed which will address the visitor’s interest and purpose for their visit.


Do the international visitors require home stays as part of their visit?

Lodging for the visitors is provided by the State Department and only rarely does a visit include a home stay. Meal and incidental funds are also provided by the State Department.

The State Department encourages and the visitors greatly appreciate in home hospitality such as lunch, dinner or a reception. The home hospitality provided is one of the main opportunities to meet our visitors and become citizen diplomats.


Why do visitors come to the Triad area for their visit?

Many of the visitors are from small to medium size towns and villages. Having the opportunity to meet and talk with fellow practitioners is a wonderful learning experience. The ability to share ideas and learn varied prospective has always been beneficial. Our Councils experience has shown both sides of the exchange benefit from this dialogue.


What opportunities exist for PTCIV members to meet and know the international visitors?

As a volunteer organization our opportunities exist through programming the meetings and events for the visitors stay, greeting and chaperon on visits, become involved in hosting a home hospitality event and attending a social activity where international visitors will be present.


How do you communicate with visitors from so many foreign countries?

Many of the visitors have English language skills. In addition the State Department provides a language officer(s) escort to aid the visitors in their travel around the country.


How is the PTCIV organized?

PTCIV is one of the approximately 100 Councils in the National Council of International Visitors network. Our local PTCIV is a registered 503c Non Profit and operates with one part time paid employee and a host of volunteers. Our boards of directors provide leadership for seeking visitors, working with the programming staff, finalizing home hospitality and arranging activities for our members. Our primary source of funds is a grant from the State Department. PTCIV has been in existence 25 years of the over 50 year history of the National program.